Do you need to rebrand? Here’s how to tell…

One of your competitors has just undergone a stunning rebrand. You catch a glimpse of it and instantly feel a stab of paranoia and jealousy.

Should you be rebranding too?

It’s unrealistic to think that your business will still be using the exact same branding you launched with, ten years down the line. Even if it’s all still on-point regarding customer appeal and core messaging alignment, sometimes you just need a little nip and tuck here and there to modernise.

Having said that, branding should be as far removed from personal ego as possible. It isn’t about you. It isn’t about what you like or admire.

Like many good business decisions, a rebrand should be customer-led.

If you were doing things to the letter from day one, you will have developed your brand based on customer feedback, surveys and thorough competitor research. So I’m going to write this post under the assumption that you did just that.

A word of caution before we begin!

Here’s the rub (and not the good kind of rub); customers don’t like change. They’ve bought into what you’re doing. It fits with their lifestyle and they like what you represent. With this in mind, changing everything completely is just a no-go.

Changing a font, altering a colour palette, tweaking a logo or writing a new strapline are all fine, but you need to keep customers in the loop at all stages. Pull in some core customers when you have your concepts drawn up and find out what they think. You might be way off.

When you’re all set and ready to launch, make a song and dance of it. Let them know what’s happening, announce it proudly and then, when you’re live and kicking, get their feedback and invite their comments. They’ll appreciate being included and you’ll limit the drop-off considerably.

How to tell if your business needs a rebrand

Of course, there are a million ways to tell whether your image and positioning is becoming stale, these are just a few of the more obvious ones.

  • You need a positioning adjustment within your market

There may have only been one or two other companies within your space when you first launched. If you’re lucky, you were the only one. A few years into the swing of things and you might find that your competitors have double or that their positioning has altered, leaving your USP looking a little off kilter. No problemo, pal.

The solution here is to reassess your market, then bring your results back and see how they match up to your core brand values and customer feedback. The areas which need tweaking should be obvious. Draft up some concepts and test them against your customers. If it all looks hunky dory, then roll that sh*t out!


  • You want to attract a different type of customer

Your existing customers are the bomb. No one is disputing this. But what happens when a different demographic is drawing your eye and you think company growth depends on hooking them in? Time for a little customer survey and brand switcheroo.

Chat to your prospective customers and find out what they think of the current branding, how they’d use the product and which of your competitors they’re giving their bucks to right now. This should give you a good foundation to plan a revamp, while keeping your faithful customers happy.


  • Your best customers are dropping off

Are you losing all your trusty customers to a competitor? Unacceptable. Something about the product, the service or the brand is no longer resonating with them and it needs fixing, pronto. Have a confab with them or send out a feedback survey to a select few (make them feel special and reward them for their efforts, why don’t you) and find out which areas need improvement.

If a slight adjustment is due, y’all better hop to it!


  • You’ve launched more products or evolved the businesses process or services

Things aren’t the same as they were when you launched. You’ve got more products, altered your service or changed the way in which you do things. This probably means that your core messaging needs tweaking slightly: what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

You might find that after you’ve updated these, your visual identity and strapline need a little tidy up too.


These points make a great starting point for assessing whether or not you need a cheeky ‘lil update. If you have any you’d like to add, sling them in the comments below and get the convo started!

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