Warning signs that your site content is badly outdated

Come on, man…live in the now!

In this day and age, there’s no way in heck you can just write a website and leave it sitting for years on end, unchanged.

Multiple search engine algorithm updates and rapidly evolving content consumption habits mean you’ve got to do a bit of nipping and tucking every so often if you’re going to continue to keep your site working hard for you.

Check the warning signs below; if you’re doing any of these things you’re due a content overhaul ASAP.

1. Keywords from the olden times

To be surfing the crest of the contemporary content wave, you should be optimised for mobile and voice search, and using longtail keywords and localised terms.

Keywords should ideally be updated regularly and site content refreshed with new blog posts and press releases several times a week to help bolster your online visibility, dovetail with your marketing and to support your ongoing keyword strategy.

Regular updates also reassure visitors of your expertise and that someone’s bloody maintaining the site, rather than a dead thing, hanging in cyberspace that no one’s looked at in yonks.


2. Too much copy

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that likes writing as much as I do, but too much content on a site is just a red flag that you’re living in the content marketing olden times. You may as well be wearing a bonnet and riding around in a horse and cart.

Modern content is short, snappy and intuitive. You tell the site visitor only as much as they need to know at any given stage of the journey to avoid overloading them. Drip feeding information and being smart about the user journey means your user experience is more seamless. I know it feels wrong, but trust me.


3. Outdated information

I’m willing to bet that if you take a look at your site right now, you’ll be able to find at least one piece of information that is long outdated. Making time to check back in and refresh terms and conditions, delivery information, product pages and contact details are all imperative.


4. Tone of voice inconsistencies

If your company has been up and running for a while, you may find that your brand has evolved and is now rather different to the one you adopted when you first started trading. Whenever you do a rebrand, it’s crucial to go back through every customer touchpoint and rebrand it.

This is to inspire trust with your customers and to strengthen your branding over all. Everything they come into contact with should sound like you.


5. Bad formatting

This goes hand-in-hand with the mass dumping of copy onto pages. Nowadays customers won’t sit through huge chunks of info. No way, no how.

Break your content up into little bite-sized pieces and order them properly. Add bullet points, icons and headings so customers can easily navigate the site and page to find what they’re looking for. If they have to hunt for something, you’ll lose them. I promise you.


I’m so glad we cleared that up,  you guys. Now head off with your fine tooth comb and give your site a good going over. Let’s get that bad boy up to speed!

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